Kundali Bhagya 7th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karan is shocked to find out about Preeta’s engagement plans

kundali bhagya 7th february 2018 written update of full episode karan is shocked to find out about preetas engagement plans - Kundali Bhagya 7th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karan is shocked to find out about Preeta’s engagement plans

  begins with Srishti telling Preeta () that she doesn’t belief Prthvi in any respect. Preeta tells her that in all probability it is so as a result of Prithiv is going to be the explanation Preeta will depart the home quickly. Srishti volunteers to serve tea and Sarla is joyful to see her. As she serves tea she unintentionally drops tea on Prithvi. Prithvi in his anger screams at Srishti. Sarla asks Prithvi to settle down and Prithvi realises that he spoke an excessive amount of. He says he is sorry after which seeks permission of Sarla to take Preeta procuring. Preeta leaves with Prithvi. Karan() and Rishabh () attain a store for mehndi procuring with Sherlin. Karan is irritaed as he fights with Rishabh for forcing him to come right here. Rishabh says that he wants his assist for procuring. Karan asks Rishabh to then assist him each time Preeta scolds him. Rishabh laughs off his brother’s irritation. Later Karan teases Sherlin with a lighted horn and this makes Sherlin uncomfortable. Prthvi will get Preeta to the identical retailer. Preeta finds the shop very costly and desires to depart however Prithvi forces her to select.

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Prithvi thinks that for all the cash that he is about to steal from Rishabh he would spent some on Preeta. Karan sees a gown round and thinks of Preeta immediately later he places it again. Preeta picks up the identical gown and tells Prithvi that she likes it. Prithvi although vetoes the gown and asks her to attempt one other one. Karan chooses a brief gown for Sherlin and convinces Rishbah to reward her that one. He then thinks about how he would choose nothing good for Sherlin ever. Preeta walks to the trial room for attempting the chosen attire whereas she enters the identical trial room that Karan is in. She screams as she enters and Prithvi walks again asking her if she is okay. She is now caught inside as prithvi stands outdoors. Karan teases her for this and refuses to put on his shirt. Preeta makes him put on his shirt after which they get misplaced in one another . Karan asks Preeta what she is doing with Prithvi. Preeta shocks Karan by telling him that she is going to get engaged to Prithvi.

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