Udaan 30th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Chakor plants a spy inside the haveli

udaan 30th january 2018 written update of full episode chakor plants a spy inside the haveli - Udaan 30th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Chakor plants a spy inside the haveli

begins with Chakor() asking Suraj() to make a noose for her which he readily does and after that as he busies himself along with his work she return with a stool asking him if the noose will maintain her weight for a whereas. He will get irritated by her questions and says that it’ll asking her to go away without delay. She walks away. Paakhi walks in and rebukes Suraj for making a noose for Chakor to die. Suraj realises now that Chakor is making an attempt to die. Rannvijay carries Imli to their room when a particular person informs him that somebody is at the door to satisfy him. He asks Imli to go and that he would be a part of her quickly sufficient. Rannvijay comes all the way down to see a woman with ghoonghat making an attempt to choose up issues she has dropped as she talks nonstop. She says that she has heard a lot about him and that she is right here to get some work. She begins praising Rannvijay massively and says that everybody says nice issues about him. Rannvijay tells her that he would asks his spouse Imli about this. The woman then tells Rannvijay that he’s the proprietor of this village and he mustn’t require to take permission from anybody for the choices he takes.(Also Read: )

Rannvijay asks her to carry her veil as he would see her earlier than he provides her the job. The woman takes off her veil and he’s impressed. He immediately provides her the job. Chakor speaks to this woman who informs her that she managed to get the job, she asks her to now maintain informing her about the happenings in the haveli. Suraj runs for Chakor and finds her placing the noose round her throat. He pulls her down and says that he’s not desirous about any checks that she is taking.Chakor asks him why he doesn’t confess that he does look after her. Suraj tells Chakor that he has a higher means for her to die and that might be to leap of a cliff. He pushes Chakor away as he asks her to go die and check out to not be alive this time. He pledges to not come and save her. Chakor is shocked by Suraj’s phrases. She walks to a little temple and sits there as she remembers her mom, Paakhi who had advised her that Suraj is not going to change now. Paakhi comes there as she asks Chakor why she is preventing in opposition to odds to get Suraj again and it’s subsequent to not possible. Imli asks the new servant woman to go away as she doesn’t want her in the home. Rannvijay walks in and so they have an argument over this woman. Rannvijay confronts Suraj saying he is aware of that Suraj goes in opposition to him. Suraj pledges that he would by no means go in opposition to the two of them and that he is not going to save Chakor ever.

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