3 tools to protect folders in Windows with a password

Many users have long been waiting for Microsoft to add a native function to Windows that will allow certain folders to be protected with a password (for example, that contain sensitive information). So far this has not happened, which means that we can only do one thing – to use programs created by third-party developers. However, even though there are a lot of such programs, most of them are not of particular quality.

3 tools to protect folders in Windows with a password - 3 tools to protect folders in Windows with a password

3 tools to protect folders in Windows with a password

3 tools to protect folders in Windows with a password

We tested more than 20 tools of this type and selected the top 3 of them which are listed below:


LocK-A-FoLdeR is the perfect solution for the least demanding users. The program uses only one master password and has a very simple user interface. Moreover, the program does not offer any settings at all.After selecting the folders that require protection; all you need to do is close the application. Instead of using encryption, this program simply hides folders from any user who may try to access them. To regain access to protected folders, you will have to open LocK-A-FoLdeR again and use the unlock button (UnLock).

This program is available for free to download

Folder Lock

Folder Lock – A real good-quality program that allows you to protect folders, files and even entire disks. When you first start you will be prompted to enter the master password. This password will be used for each folder or file you decide to block. Then you can simply drag the elements you want to protect into the main interface of the program. All folders selected for protection will be immediately locked and hidden. No one can access them without your password.

The trial version allows you to use this program for 30 days. For future use will have to pay $ 39.95.

Download Folder Lock from official site

The program creates a password-protected directory on the computer. Folder Lock is designed to create password-protected directories on a computer that no one gets unauthorized. The directory is hidden until it is locked. Locked files and folders are not accessible from both Windows and DOS mode. The program has easy control, and only the correct password is sufficient to lock and unlock the directory.It can hide and lock files and folders.It  is a handy tool for preventing access to folders or files. These folders are also not accessible from other operating systems. It allows working with files in NTSF, FAT16 / 32 and EFS. Folder lock is renowned as a utility that will create a password-protected directory on your computer that no one can access. The directory itself is hidden until it is locked. Files and subdirectories in a locked folder are inaccessible from both Windows and DOS mode. Its Programming is very simple. How to lock and unlock a directory is basically just a question of entering the correct password. The advantage of the program is the ability to create locked directories on USB flash drives and other external storage.

Folder guard

This is one of the best programs we tested. It has many functions, and they all work very well. With (https://download.cnet.com/Folder-Guard/3000-2653_4-10969605.html), you can protect files and folders with individual passwords, or simply hide and block them. The interface looks great – it is well structured and very easy to use. The folders you want to protect can be selected in the tree list, or simply drag and drop them into the program window.

A really useful feature of the program is the ability to create filters for various file types, so that they will be automatically protected. In addition, you can selectively assign access rights to user accounts on your computer.

This program is paid, but there is a trial version that works for 30 days. The full version costs $ 59.95. By purchasing it, you will receive updates to any new version during the first year of use. In addition, one license can be used on 2 computers. However, after the first year, if you want to receive further updates, you will have to pay for a new license.

Final Words!

What we learned during testing : No need to install more than one program of this type. We ran into a problem when the programs blocked each other, and because of this we could not access the folders protected by one program after installing another.

Another problem is that most programs of this type forget to unlock the folders they protect when you delete them. Thus, you can easily lose access to your data. However, the programs described above do not have this drawback, so after deleting them you will not be left with locked or hidden folders.

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