A Spyware for Android – Ethical Hacking for Android Devices

A Spyware for Android
A Spyware for Android - A Spyware for Android - Ethical Hacking for Android Devices

A Spyware for Android

The spyware applications have been playing significant role in monitoring of mobile phones devices possessed and used by someone else. The entrepreneurs around the world have been experimenting with different spy and monitoring apps to keep their workers under surveillance. The mobile phone monitoring apps enable employers and business managers to supervise the activities of the customer care representatives, marketing and sales staff. Once you install a spy app on the mobile phone of your target, you can monitor every activity performed on that device. It enables employers to monitor, manage and boost the productivity of the workers by preventing them from getting involved in unproductive and malicious activities.

A Spyware for Android – Ethical Hacking for Android Devices

While there are several tracking and monitoring applications rightly available, it can be challenging for a beginner to pick up a reliable and effective spy app. We have reviewed the top mobile phone spyware apps to help you get the most appropriate one. There are a few credible names in the spy market which also include TheOneSpy. It is a cross platform monitoring app which allows spying on mobile phones running different versions of Android operating system. This article discusses how the spyware app for Android offers ethical hacking for mobile phones.

TheOneSpy Android Spyware App

The Android spy app is particularly developed for parents and employers for legitimate monitoring of mobile phones of children and workers. It enables the end-user to monitor and manage the mobile phone of someone else anytime and from anywhere. However, it is necessary to take writtenpermission from workers or adult children before tracking their mobile phones with spy app. The use of spy app is considered legitimate only when you inform the target about using spy app on the mobile phone devices used by them. There are certain other rules that are necessary to follow such as you can only monitor company-owned devices andcannot spy on personal devices of workers.

How to Monitor Android Device with Spyware App

Once you take written consent of the target, you can subscribe and install the spy app on the targeted mobile phone.After successful installation, the app gets access to the data stored on the monitored mobile phone which include messages, emails, call logs, contacts, media files, internet history and more. This data is then uploaded to the online account of the spyware app. The spy app uses the internet connection of the targeted mobile phone to sync and upload the data.The end-user of the spyware app can log into the online spyware account to see and download the data fetched from the targeted mobile phone.

What Android Spyware App Can Do

The tracking app for Android mobile phones offers a wide variety of features to monitor and control the targeted mobile phone via online control panel. We have rounded up here the core features of the spy app to let you understand how it works.

Spy on Social Media& IM

The Android spyware app allows spying on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Vine, Viber, IMO, WhatsApp, Tinder, Kik, Telegram and other social and instant messengers. You can monitor conversations made via these social apps and capture almost every activity performed on these online platforms with screen capturing feature of the spy app.

Screen Capturing

The mobile phone tracking app lets you record every activity performed on the targeted Android device. You can send remote command to take screenshots of the targeted phone in real-time or at scheduled time.

Track GPS Location

The spyware app lets you locate you children and workers. You can know the exact current location of the targeted mobile phone and track every trip of the target. The spy app shows the real-time GPS location and location history to keep you updated about the whereabouts of the target.

Monitor Surroundings

The cell phone surveillance app lets you operate the camera and microphone of the monitored Android devices. You can take photos and record videos by using the front and back cameras. Also, you can record conversations of the target by turning on the microphone of the target.

That is not all. The Android spy app also let you track almost every activity performed on and around the targeted cell phone. You can know more about the application by visiting the official website of TheOneSpy.

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