Edification & Development through Technology

Education is a process by which the knowledge, abilities and attitude of individuals are shaped, molded and enhanced. As Aristotle said, “Education is process of creation of sound mind, in a sound body”. Education polishes and fills the human personality, so that an individual reach to his/her fullest development. Also, education guides any individual to lead a better intellectual, physical and spiritual life.

Edification Development through Technology - Edification & Development through Technology

Edification & Development through Technology

As we all know, mind is the basis of reality and thus intellectual development of mental facilities is a very important aspect of education. This facilitates a lot of important things in life, ranging from Logical thinking, Rational attitude and Analytical abilities to Self-realization, Self-understanding and Self-explorations. Also the knowledge and skills that an individual gains from education helps them in maintaining life, economic prosperity, social uplift and political stability. These are known as Value inculcation. Though we generally term education as going to schools, colleges or institutions, but actually it begins at an individual’s birth and continues throughout life. It is why education is said to be a dynamic and lifelong process.

How students use Technology

Since, education is not only limited to colleges and institutions, the inculcation of Technology has proven to be one of the greater benefits in the lives of mankind. Technology in education has made Global Learning possible without any limitations. The uncountable ways and methods to study with the use of technology helps individuals to overcome any difficulty in learning a tough subject, for instance, Engineering. Students pursuing B.Tech Courses (Bachelor of Technology) used to have a tough time to study, earlier. Both for the preparations for entrance exams as well as after entering the college, they had to take extensive tuitions. While this was not ineffective, but it was not as flexible, affordable and easily accessible as getting exposed to updated information with just a few touch. Knowledge is no more limited to books and can be gained through the use of various websites, apps and videos for various disciplines in the course of B.Tech.

Technology in Colleges

Students belonging to the top B.Tech Colleges in Mumbai, like Indian Institute of Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Amity University, etc. are often under the scanner and pressure of fulfilling expectations of family and society. They often enjoy using the educational technology tools to gather the extra knowledge and always keep themselves updated to stay ahead of the queue. In the highly competitive era of education, keeping oneself updated and ahead of others is not anymore an option, but a necessity. Individuals are also able to collaborate with their peers through the relevant applications. Also, most of the top institutions in Tier-I and Tier-II cities have embraced technology to make learning fun, interactive and efficient. The integration of technology into these institutes also result in enhancing the student-teacher relationship.  It is because when teachers effectively amalgamate the tools into subject-areas, the pedagogues transform into the various roles of Advisor, content expert and coach.

Parents and Technology

Contrary to popular belief, technology in the field of education is not only evolving in the metros and cities but are also expanding at the Tier-II and Tier-III cities rapidly. It is high time that the parents perceive the importance of technology and come out of the conservative & resistant-to-change attitude. This will help their own children to achieve big in life. The parents should understand that, along with traditional education, if outside experiences can enhance learning, then why can’t technology do the same. Moreover, children today are Digital natives and knows tech better than the parents. Thus, the children should be allowed to make the maximum use of the Ed-tech (Educational Technology), but at the same time keep an eye on their ward, so that they don’t misuse the tools and platforms.

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