The Emergence of 3D Printing

The Emergence of 3 D Printing - The Emergence of 3D Printing

The Emergence of 3-D Printing

What is 3-D Printing and how does it work?

3-D printing is an innovative technology which creates three-dimensional objects from a digital file. It started in the 80’s and was called ‘rapid prototyping’ back then.

To obtain a 3-D print product, first, you have to create a 3-D model which can be made using any Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and this should be converted into a file which the 3-D printer can read. In order to make the model 3-D printable, it has to be sliced into many layers of triangles and vertices. After this the 3-D printer prints the model layer by layer.

How is it useful?

3-D printing is very useful and serves many of the industries like the ones mentioned below.

  • Aviation
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Fashion

You can make custom models which may not be possible with any other technology, you can create complex geometries or make a prototype or model quickly. Since the production and use of 3-D printers have increased, their cost also decreased. It will surely revolutionize the production and manufacturing processes.

The future of 3-D printers

3-D printing has come a long way in recent years, and it’s really starting to develop in terms of its capabilities and real-world applications.

Some key factors which will define the future growth of 3D printing are given below.

  • Improved printer capabilities
  • Broadening the applications
  • New print tools

Since the use of 3-D printers has increased, software companies have started developing their own 3-D printers with advanced settings. With this, people can create their own things and not rely on some manufacturing company but this is surely going to affect the commerce field.

Learning 3-D printing online

Nowadays it is easy to study online. There are a lot of courses available online to study 3-D printing. Some are paid and some are not. To get quality instructions and study materials, one should probably opt for paid courses. These are offered by various colleges, schools, institutions or other organizations. The cost of pursuing online courses is less when compared to a traditional setup.

If you wish to study through a university online and want to know about the tuition, then you can search for the tuition with the name of the university you wish to study in. For example, if you want to know about the tuition at Maryville University, you can search for the Maryville University tuition.

Certain websites offer free courses and beginners guide to learn 3-D printing. Degrees through which you can get your foot on the 3-D printing field are mentioned below.

  • Engineering– There will be a need for engineers who can operate the 3-D printing devices. Also, they’ll be able to design and produce what they wish which may even include buildings.
  • Biomedical Technology– With the help of 3-D printers, people are able to create working models and prosthetics like the human ear, tissues, and experiment with them. You may be the key to inventing something with the help of 3-D printing.
  • Design and Animation– The first step of 3-D printing is designing. A lot of designers use CAD to create designs because it has made their work easier and accurate. If you wish to learn design then you can study online in any of the online Design colleges. The 3-D animation uses many of the same tools like 3-D printing.
  • 3-D Printing Design– If you are truly into the field, then this is the course for you. Some colleges offer degrees in 3-D printing wherein you’ll learn how to use software and also about the various applications of 3-D design and printing.

The world is changing with the help of 3-D printing. It has brought a lot of positive changes in the fields of medicine, architecture, engineering, design and more. For now, it is surely a blessing but what will happen later is unknown and unpredictable. It is developing and has a long way to go. A picture might be equal to many words but a 3-D print product will be equal to many pictures.

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