Battle of Dragon Ring for Windows 10 – Gameplay & Review

battle of dragon ring for windows 10 gameplay review - Battle of Dragon Ring for Windows 10 – Gameplay & Review

The Battle of Dragon Ring is a technique and function play sport that allows you to crew with superb fantastical characters to defeat the forces of evil. As far as fantasy technique video games go, the plot initially doesn’t appear too ground-breaking. So, does Battle of Dragon Ring find yourself being simply one other excessive fantasy role-play sport that appears and finally ends up being like 100 others of its variety? Or, in its quest to defeat the forces of the Devil Dragon, does it find yourself changing into one thing far better? Well, there is just one solution to discover out.

Battle of Dragon Ring sport for Windows 10

battle of dragon ring for windows 10 gameplay review - Battle of Dragon Ring for Windows 10 – Gameplay & Review


The story begins a protracted, very long time in the past. There as soon as was a Dragon, a Devil amongst its sorts, who lay dormant beneath the facility of the Eternal Seal. Till at some point a mysterious and lethal energy coursed by the land and freed the Devil Dragon. And now there’s solely chaos.

People are killed in lots of, the land itself is poisoned. The total world is within the clutches of chaos. There is however just one hope. The Dragon Ring. It is the one factor highly effective sufficient to seal the dragon once more and drive the forces of chaos and evil from the land.

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It is in such tumultuous that you simply decide up your weapons. You, as Fringe, have been entrusted with the Dragon Ring and now your village is in peril. The forces of evil are being drawn to your village by the facility of the Dragon Ring and also you have to be keen and heroic sufficient to guard them. The means is proven by the wizened outdated gray wizard. He not solely provides you recommendation however typically battles the evil forces alongside you. But he isn’t the one pal you’ve got by your facet. As you retain taking part in, you’ll unlock characters just like the golden-haired elf prince. There are different characters to unlock additional alongside within the sport too.

Initially, you and your companions are supposed to shield the village from the onslaught of the forces of the orcs. Once the orcs’ chief is killed and the others disband and escape, you face your precise mission. You should take the Dragon Ring to the volcano the place it was made. This is the one solution to cease the Devil Dragon and its forces from destroying the village and the world. But the volcano is the place the lair of the Devil Dragon is, which is why you’ll need to gear up and have your mates by your facet as you journey proper into the center of evil.

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When you’re initially charged with defending your village from the onslaught of the orcs, you’re alone and weapons that go away you open to so much of harm. But as you stage up, you unlock a number of very cool characters. This contains the lengthy, golden-haired elf prince who’s fearsome and terrifying together with his bow and arrow. You crew up with him and a choose different characters to defeat the forces of evil. The Elf Prince is a long-range character. You may also have the possibility to unlock a number of quick vary characters. You can organize these characters in your crew into formations which might be finest suited to fight conditions. The long-range characters will assault the enemy with bows and arrows and different long-range weapons whereas the short-ranged ones will actually battle by your facet as you’re taking down orcs and darkish knights. If you’re fortunate, the gray wizard may also be by your facet to show the orcs into sheep.

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As you stage up, you’ll unlock some weapons. But additionally, you will obtain so much of cool issues, like a cap made of wolf pores and skin and a blueprint of mace, as half of your plunder. You can take weapon blueprints and different plans to the blacksmith and different village specialists to show them into actuality. The gray wizard will give one such plan for hardy touring boots that may come in useful as you’re taking the Dragon Ring to the lair of the Devil Dragon.

Interact with completely different characters in your village and alongside your journey to unlock missions and presents, just like the every day checking in and the leveling up presents. Let the gray wizard instruct and information you in your journey. And preserve unlocking extra options as you and your teammates stage up. Gather archers, warriors, mages, and swordsmen by your facet and battle to defeat the Devil itself.


Now it’s time for the decision. It is tough to overlook the Tolkien references all through the sport, from the hobbit holes within the village, to the bow-toting elf prince and to the Dragon Ring itself. It performs like a correct Lord of the Rings tribute sport. But is that every one it’s?

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First, let’s discuss in regards to the panorama. The environment are detailed and alter as you journey and battle to succeed in the volcano. The character artwork is fairly superb too. And whereas the battle scenes go away some room for enchancment, the sport is fairly enjoyable to play.

Also, the sport appears to have so much of surprises in retailer. Teaming up with the gray wizard helps you to flip orcs to sheep and you should utilize your plunders to really construct new weapons and armor.

But maybe our favourite characteristic of the sport is the way it lets one strategize the positions and assaults of teammates in keeping with the wants of battle. There can be an enormous selection of enemies to battle, every with their very own vary of assault and protection methods and it’s essential to react accordingly.

The solely issues are the in-app purchases, with out which it’s essential to wait for lengthy hours earlier than your power recharges and you’ll play once more.

All in all, this can be a fairly enjoyable sport to play. For a free technique sport, it’s as detailed and complex because it will get. Download the sport for free from the Microsoft retailer here.

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