Fix nslookup works but ping fails in Windows 10

When querying the IP tackle of an internet site, in case your nslookup works, but ping fails on Windows 10 PC, then there could be many causes for that. Let’s attempt to resolve these points, but earlier than that here’s what nslookup.exe and Ping means in easy phrases.

nslookup is a command line software which helps to seek out DNS data of an internet site. It sends a reputation server question to the DNS and obtains the corresponding IP tackle. It can even carry out some complicated performance like discovering particulars about FTP server, Mail server and so forth, but most of them are utilized by directors. The finest a part of nslookup is it queries DNS server immediately and doesn’t depend on the cache.

Another software used to confirm connectivity is PING. It sends a packet of data to the IP tackle or Domain and will get again a reply in the type of packets. If the whole lot goes nicely, all packets are acquired, but if not, it can allow you to determine the place precisely there’s a delay in the community. However, the ping command doesn’t all the time try a DNS lookup. This means it may be utilizing the DNS cache, and use the IP tackle accessible in that desk.

While each of them helps you determine the host or IP tackle, but typically nslookup works, but ping fails in Windows 10.

nslookup works but ping fails

It could so occur that nslookup queries be just right for you, but if you attempt utilizing PING, it fails. For instance, if is the web site identify, right here is how this case will appear to be on command immediate.


C:> ping
Ping request couldn’t discover host Please test the identify and take a look at once more.

When you employ PING, the Domain identify is transformed into IP tackle, after which information is shipped to that IP tackle. When a reply comes again, it means information goes backwards and forwards to that area with out a difficulty. However, if the DNS fails to resolve Website’s IP tackle or in case your laptop doesn’t try a DNS lookup, you’ll obtain an analogous error message saying “Could not discover host” and so forth.

Try the next troubleshooting methods to resolve this subject:

1] Flush DNS, reset Winsock and reset TCP/IP

Sometimes the web sites don’t resolve as a result of the DNS in your PC nonetheless remembers previous IP. So ensure that to , Reset Winsock and .

how to fix 502 bad gateway error - Fix nslookup works but ping fails in Windows 10

You can even use our freeware to hold out these three operations with a click on.

2] Force Windows to do a DNS lookup through the use of FQDN

On your laptop, go to Settings > Network & Internet >  Status > Change adapter choices.

  1. Right Click on the community, after which choose properties.
  2. Select Internet Protocol Version four from the record of connections accessible in the record. In case you employ IPv6, use that.
  3. Click Properties
  4. Click Advanced
  5. Switch to DNS tab, and choose “Append these DNS suffices (in order)
  6. Click on the Add button, and add . as a suffix.

fix nslookup works but ping fails in windows 10 - Fix nslookup works but ping fails in Windows 10

Every time you question utilizing PING or another software, it can add a . on the finish, and can power the lookup.

three] Multiple NIC Scenario

If the pc has a couple of NIC linked, and there are a number of default gateways, then it’s more likely to create confusion. The resolution for that is to take away default gateway from the configuration of all NICs but just one default gateway.

four] Use Google Public DNS

If it doesn’t assist, use Google Public DNS and see if that works for you. You have to explicitly  in your working system use the DNS IP addresses.

1537218227 676 error code 105 err name not resolved in google chrome - Fix nslookup works but ping fails in Windows 10

  • First of all, right-click on the taskbar Network icon and choose Network and Sharing Center.
  • Select “Change Adapter Settings”.
  • Search for the community connection that’s used to connect with the web; the choice may be both “Local Area Connection” or “Wireless Connection”.
  • Right-click on it and click on Properties.
  • Choose the brand new window to pick “Internet Protocol four (TCP/IPv4)” after which click on the Properties button.
  • Click the checkbox for “Use the next DNS server addresses” in the brand new window.
  • Enter in eight.eight.eight.eight and eight.eight.four.four
  • Finally, click on OK and exit.

four] Check your Host File

Check your to see if the web site has been blocked. Many a time some third get together software modifies the file so as to add blocklist of internet sites. If you discover the entry, delete it.

5] Delete WLAN Profiles

1536914180 814 fix err connection reset error on chrome browser - Fix nslookup works but ping fails in Windows 10

As you connect with a number of networks, all of them are saved in your PC. Next time you might be round that community, it can routinely join.  It is feasible that a type of networks have gone rogue, and it’s not connecting correctly, or most likely it retains disconnecting from that community. It is finest to , and begin contemporary,

6] Reinstall Network Adapter Drivers

1536914180 707 fix err connection reset error on chrome browser - Fix nslookup works but ping fails in Windows 10

If deleting WLAN Profiles doesn’t work, the probabilities are that the community drivers are corrupted. You might want to and as nicely for finest outcomes.  Follow the steps in the guides, and it’ll resolve the problem for you.

I’m certain that for many of you, the primary three troubleshooting tips will resolve the problem the place nslookup works but ping fails. However, if its adapter driver is inflicting the problem, the remainder of the tips will allow you to resolve. Let us know which one labored for you?

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