Galaxy S9 Predictive Text Disappeared (Solution)

galaxy s9 predictive text disappeared solution - Galaxy S9 Predictive Text Disappeared (Solution)

The predictive textual content function on Samsung Galaxy S9 could be very helpful. It makes composing messages simpler by giving recommendations on phrases or phrases that you’re about to sort. It saves you each effort and time and makes certain you don’t misspell the phrases. But then in some way, some customers expertise an issue in utilizing it. Sometimes, it doesn’t perform nicely, or it unexpectedly disappeared out of your textual content field.

Here we are going to present repair the predictive textual content disappearing downside in your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus telephone.

How to Turn Off Predictive Text in your Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Turn On first your Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Choose the Settings choices
  3. Select the Language & Input
  4. Then faucet on the Samsung Keyboard
  5. Find and choose the Predictive Text and switch it off

Advanced Settings

You can all the time management the predictive textual content in your Samsung Galaxy S9 through the use of the Advanced Settings menu. You may also be capable to use an extended keystroke to arrange the time delays via this function.

Options for Text Correction

The Text correction function on Samsung Galaxy S9 may be turned ON when you allow predictive textual content. You may also add some sure phrases which aren’t but listed on the menu and replace the info. This shall be indicated to your telephone to not change the precise phrases which in any other case be modified.

Fixing disappeared predictive texts may very well be correctly carried out if you’ll seek for the appropriate key to make use of and bear in mind the perform keys so as to allow the function. by following these steps talked about above may actually presumably assist to reply your doubt in regards to the disappearance of the mentioned function. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to all the time discover another features of your Samsung Galaxy S9 on messaging.

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