How to check if your IP address is leaking

When we use a VPN, our unique IP is hidden, and the pc makes use of the IP address supplied by the VPN. It makes certain that when you’re visiting or accessing geo-blocked web sites, you aren’t restricted. However, it is attainable that the VPN could be leaking your IP address due to a function within the browser. In this publish, we are going to share how to check if your IP address is leaking, and the way to repair it.

Check if your IP address is leaking

how to check if your ip address is leaking - How to check if your IP address is leaking

It is a simple methodology.

  1. Make certain your VPN is not energetic.
  2. Visit and word down the IP address. You can even select to open ethernet adapter to discover the IP address.
  3. Activate your , and choose a distant server of your alternative. Make certain it’s working.
  4. Post a couple of minutes, revisit and word down the IP address.
  5. These two IP needs to be totally different.
  6. Next, go to https://ipleak.internet and check the end result.

If you see the DNS and IP address the identical as your precise IP and DNS IP, it means the VPN is leaking IP address. The web site invokes the flaw and checks if the VPN is protecting for that.

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Why is your IP address leaking

Most of the web browser gives a function often called WebRTC or Web Real-Time Communication. It makes audio, and video communication instantly from one gadget to one other, i.e., peer to peer communication. It is what causes the leak. If an internet site or service desires to check if you’re utilizing a VPN IP address, it could possibly set off WebRTC communication. As it has to use the true IP address, it leads to revealing the precise IP address.

Services can trick it by requesting a voice or audio dialog embedded of their web site, and it’s not unlawful. It can be checked utilizing a javascript, and since this request is not over HTTP, it can’t be blocked by plugins and extensions.

Once one website finds about an IP which is in use for blocked content material, others can begin blocking it as nicely. You by no means know.

How to repair IP address leaking

It is greatest to swap your VPN which protects your IP. There are many VPN which provide this function, and you may check that utilizing their trial model. However, if you’re caught with a VPN on the long run, right here is how one can repair IP address leaking in the intervening time.

The solely method out is to disable the WebRTC function within the browser. However do do not forget that if you disable it, you will be unable to use the peer to peer video and audio communication function.

Fix IP address leaking on Firefox

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In Firefox, you need to use the Disable WebRTC add-on or change peer connection settings in to false.

Open Firefox and kind about:config within the address bar. Hit Enter

Type media.peerconnection.enabled and it’ll reveal the settings.

Double click on or proper click on and set it to toggle.

Fix IP address leaking on Chrome

ScriptSafe is an extension which does quite a lot of issues, and it additionally disables  WebRTC in Chrome. It will make it possible for any request made by companies is not going to get a response again or return as not supported. The last end result? The IP address will stay hidden. You can obtain from the Chrome Web retailer obtain web page. It will work with any browser which helps Chrome extension.

Sadly, I wasn’t ready to determine software program which may do the identical on a Router. Also, will probably be tough to flip the choice on and off on a router degree because it impacts all of the customers on the community, i.e., peer to peer networking is not going to work.

Let us know if this helped you to repair your IP leaking subject.

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