How To Fix LG G7 Fast Battery Drain

how to fix lg g7 fast battery drain - How To Fix LG G7 Fast Battery Drain

“Why does my LG G7’s battery drains shortly?!”, as per a whole lot and hundreds LG G7 customers across the globe. Yeah, certain, you possibly can say that LG G7 has overwhelmed its competitor with its extremely appraised specs. Yet, when a cellphone’s battery dies shortly, then we solemnly assume that it’s an enormous no-no. Why? How are you supposed to completely get pleasure from and expertise the options of your cellphone when you can solely use it for an hour or two, proper? It simply doesn’t make any sense.

Smartphone specialists theorized that the difficulty is resulted by a bug within the Android working system that must be resolved. As we repeatedly say right here on our web site, not all points are prompted out by a malfunction. Sometimes, or more often than not, it’s resulting from a software program situation that must be resolved instantly. And for that, we sympathized with the idea made by these smartphone consultants.

As your Trusted Smartphone Guide, we are going to share on this information our takes on this Battery situation and present you the best means on the way to resolve it.

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Try Deactivating the LTE, Bluetooth, and Location

Everyone is aware of that these three options are probably the most used ones on our LG G7. Yet, leaving it working despite the fact that we’re not utilizing them is an enormous battery drainer. Especially the Bluetooth function, which is called the “largest silent battery killer of all of them”. The smartest thing to do to save lots of extra battery life is to close down these three options when not utilized. Now when you’re wandering a spot you’re not conversant in and the Location (GPS) have to be used, placing your LG G7 into energy saving mode shall provide help to save extra battery life. We suggested that you simply solely flip location ON when wanted, like whenever you’re touring.

Controlling or Deactivating your Background Apps

As we repeatedly point out in our previous articles, Background apps suck loads of your LG G7’s battery life. The method is manually updating your functions in your free time or whenever you’re at dwelling. Now to do that, sweep your 2 fingers in a downward movement in your display to open the short settings. Find the Sync choice then faucet it to show it OFF.

One nice various is by heading to the Settings app > Accounts > Disable the Sync of your required app. Another tip, go flip OFF the Facebook Background tip, you’ll be thanking us that you simply did.

Shut Down the WiFi in your LG G7

This is, by far, probably the most used function on each smartphone on the planet. It’s additionally the largest battery sucker of all particularly if it’s activated the whole day. Keep in thoughts that there are occasions that we’re not looking the Net, so it will be useful to your LG G7’s battery to have it deactivated when not utilized. One other thing, within the occasion you’re utilizing your cellular/knowledge connection, permitting your WiFi to run is one among largest nonsense in Battery Saving 101, and I believe you recognize why.

Turning ON the Power Saving Mode of your LG G7

We name it probably the most useful Android function of all. Not solely that it helps your LG G7 save an enormous chunk of your battery life by limiting a variety of unneeded options in your cellphone such because the GPS, Background Data, Backlit Keys, and so on., nevertheless it additionally narrows your LG G7’s efficiency by minimizing the fps of your display and downsizing the facility of your processor to the purpose that it doesn’t drain that an excessive amount of of your battery life. The mode could be set manually or mechanically.

Decrease the Tethering in your Phone

Decreasing the quantity of tethering in your LG G7 shall do an amazing job in saving extra of your battery life. Though it helps you and different units hook up with the online, it normally takes up an enormous chunk of your battery. So it’s higher when you reduce the utilization of it.

Use Nova Launcher Instead

TouchWiz Launcher has been the app supervisor we’ve been used to for years now. Yet the reality is, it does extra draining for each your RAM and also you’re battery life than it helps as a result of it persistently runs within the background. Using Nova Launcher ought to provide help to enhance your battery efficiency and provide help to handle it too.

If all else fails, Restart or Reboot

The father of all fixes in each smartphone points on the market, rebooting or resetting your LG G7. With it, your cellphone shall really feel model new, similar to the primary time you bought it from the shop. If you wish to dive deeper on the way to do it, go to this text on .


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