How to read Ext4 in Windows 10

how to read ext4 in windows 10 - How to read Ext4 in Windows 10

Ext4 or Extended Files System model four is the file system for Linux. If you might have a Windows 10 + Linux twin boot or have a tough drive formatted it in Ext4, how do you read in Windows 10? While Linux helps NTFS, Windows 10 doesn’t provide any help for Ext4.  So the reply to the query can Windows 10 read ext4 is – No! But you should use third-party software program to read ext4 on Windows 10.

Read Ext4 in Windows 10

Just earlier than we begin, be sure by no means to write something to EXT4 drives from Windows. EXT codecs have their approach of journaling and writing information into the system. If you discover a software program which may achieve this, there isn’t a assure that if you apply it to a Linux system, they are going to be readable.

1] DiskInternals Linux Reader

how to read ext4 in windows 10 - How to read Ext4 in Windows 10

is free software program which installs drivers that enables you to read Ext4 partitions from the File Explorer of Windows. It solely helps studying, i.e., view and duplicate information and folders. When on Root, i.e., high folder, it’s going to present you some stats like depend of several types of information.

2] 7-Zip Archiver

If you might have a picture of EXT4, i.e., drive picture or full OS picture, then you should use to read all of the information inside it.

three] Ext2Read

Its a file explorer for Linux File system codecs ( Ext2, Ext3, LVM2, Ext4). You can view, copy information and folders from Ext4 into Windows 10 partitions. Since it helps recursive copy of information and folders, it makes it preferrred if you need to copy numerous information. It additionally helps LRU primarily based block cache for sooner concurrent entry

If you might have twin boot system, it could possibly entry Linux partitions being in Windows. You can obtain it from right here, however do notice that the software program hasn’t been up to date for lengthy. But it’s free and works.

Let us know if any of those instruments helped you read and duplicate information from ext4 to a Windows drive.

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