How to rebuild BCD or Boot Configuration Data file in Windows 10

BCD or in any other case often known as Boot Configuration Data incorporates boot configuration parameters on how to begin your Windows. If the configuration file will get corrupted, you should have to rebuild BCD or Boot Configuration Data file. Usually, when BCD will get corrupted, it outcomes in unbootable conditions on Windows 10/eight/7.

In earlier variations of Windows, the boot info was saved in the Boot.ini file. On EFI-based working system, you’ll discover the entry in the EFI firmware boot supervisor, which is offered at- EFIMicrosoftBootBootmgfw.efi.

Rebuild BCD in Windows 10

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BCD or Boot Configuration Data is a firmware-independent database file which has boot-time configuration information. It is required by Windows Boot Manager and replaces the boot.ini that was utilized by NTLDR earlier. In the case of boot issues, chances are you’ll be required to rebuild BCD.

  1. Boot your laptop into
  2. Launch Command Prompt obtainable beneath Advanced Options.
  3. To rebuild the BCD or Boot Configuration Data file use the command – bootrec /rebuildbcd
  4. It will scan for different working programs and let you choose the OS’s you need to add to BCD.

If this doesn’t assist, you’ll be able to manually set the boot path. However, accomplish that solely if you’re an knowledgeable, because it may create points.

In the Command Prompt, kind the next command and hit Enter:

bcdboot c:home windows /s c:

The BCDboot software is a command-line software that allows you to handle system partition information. If the system partition has been corrupted, you need to use BCDboot to exchange the system partition information with new copies of those information from the Windows partition.

When you run this command, it will provide you with a brand new Bootloader. Here “c” is the System drive.  You ought to solely do that when you recognize the precise drive on which Windows was put in.

Lastly, we advocate you check out this publish to how to or Master Boot Record. If you aren’t snug with the instructions, then you need to use third-party instruments similar to  or  to restore your BCD file.

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