How to troubleshoot Remote Procedure Call errors & problems

how to troubleshoot remote procedure call errors problems - How to troubleshoot Remote Procedure Call errors & problems

If you obtain RPC server is unavailable message, then this put up exhibits how to troubleshoot Remote Procedure Call failed errors & problems on Windows 10. RPC or Remote Procedure Call is a network-based programming mannequin which permits point-to-point communications between software program functions. In this information, we’ll share how to troubleshoot Remote Procedure Call errors. The errors can occur whereas connecting to  Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), SQL Server, throughout a distant connection, or for some Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins.

Troubleshoot Remote Procedure Call errors

how to troubleshoot remote procedure call errors problems - How to troubleshoot Remote Procedure Call errors & problems

RPC server is unavailable” is among the commonest points that happen. It may very well be a easy community problem, or the server just isn’t up to reply. Let’s check out the listing of instruments which we are able to use to troubleshoot distant process name errors. You can both use PowerShell or Command Prompt with admin privileges to run these instructions.

You could have to use  or to analyze logs.


This device helps you determine the issue with the port you are attempting to join. It can decide in case your software or pc can join to the server.

Portqry.exe -n  -e 135

The above command tries to question TCP port 25 on the give Server IP. If you utilize an internet site right here, it should translate to the IP handle internally. In the output, search for *ip_tcp, and port quantity. If the connection fails, it is best to see a failed response in return. If all the pieces appears to be like fantastic, search for a port quantity (marked in daring) on the finish which ought to appear to be

….Server’s response: UUID: d95afe70-a6d5-4259-822e-2c84da1ddb0d[49664]

If you don’t see any port quantity, it means one thing is flawed on the server finish, and the port just isn’t listening.


Next, you should utilize the Netsh command to accumulate simultaneous hint knowledge. TRACE right here means path from one level to one other on a community. If there may be something that’s inflicting an issue in between, you’ll know.

On the consumer run:

Netsh hint begin state of affairs=netconnection seize=sure tracefile=c:client_nettrace.etl maxsize=512 overwrite=sure report=sure

On the Server run:

Netsh hint begin state of affairs=netconnection seize=sure tracefile=c:server_nettrace.etl maxsize=512 overwrite=sure report=sure

The above command retains a log in a tracefile(.etl). Keep this window of Command Prompt prepared.

Now attempt to reproduce the difficulty you had been going through on the consumer machine. You might have to press some buttons on the software program or something that was inflicting an issue for you. As quickly as you see the difficulty, run Netsh hint cease on the Command Prompt of the consumer machine.

Now use the analyser device and filter the hint for

  • Ipv4.handle== and ipv4.handle== and tcp.port==135 or simply tcp.port==135.
  • Also, search for the “EPM” Protocol Under the “Protocol” column.

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Now verify should you get a response from the server. If you get a response, observe the dynamic port quantity that you’ve got been allotted to use.

  • Check should you can join efficiently to this Dynamic port efficiently.
  • The filter must be one thing like this: tcp.port== and ipv4.handle==

It ought to allow you to confirm the connectivity and isolate if any community points there.

Port not reachable

The commonest motive why we’d see the RPC server unavailable is when the dynamic port that the consumer tries to join just isn’t reachable. If you see hint breaking in between, returning with the port not discovered an error, and so forth, then it may very well be due to following potential causes

  • The Firewall has blocked the dynamic port vary.
  • A router or a community gadget within the center is dropping the packet; the response just isn’t coming again.
  • The vacation spot server is dropping the packets (WFP drop / NIC drop/ Filter driver and so forth.).

The finest follow for Post not reachable problem is utilizing dynamic allocation. The registry permits admins to configure RPC dynamic port allocation.

These instruments and tips allow you to analyze and work out the issue. The resolution will rely upon what precisely is the issue and can rely upon the software program and the server.

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