How to unlock Sea of Thieves’ The Huntress Figurehead

Sea of Thieves is one of Microsoft’s large unique titles, and though it didn’t get loads of reward from critics an players alike, it went on to obtain relative success. Now, because it’s a online game that’s at all times on-line, Microsoft is ensuring to enhance it frequently.

The recreation hit the scene with not sufficient content material and only some totally different enemies to assault. Everywhere it’s simply the identical skeleton troopers making an attempt to chop you up, whereas others try to shoot you down. It was certainly a bore after the honeymoon interval, however the developer, Rare, made positive to enhance the title via a number of updates, and in the present day, Sea of Thieves is best off than ever earlier than.

The first enlargement is named The Hungering Deep, and it brings to the desk a large Megalodon shark. This shark will eat you, your crew, and your ship if it’s not destroyed. And consider us, it’s not a stroll within the park.

The Huntress Figurehead

how to unlock sea of thieves the huntress figurehead - How to unlock Sea of Thieves’ The Huntress Figurehead

One of the newer releases for the Sea of Thieves is named the Huntress Figurehead, and you may solely receive if it you’ve watched the Xbox GamesCom Special on the 21st of August 2018 by way of Mixer.

A number of of us who’ve tuned into the convention on Mixer are claiming they’ve but to receive the Huntress Figurehead, and as such, they’re questioning if Microsoft failed to dwell up to its phrase.

We’re right here to say such just isn’t the case, and to be sure to get what you had been promised; we’re going to assist.

How to get Sea of Thieves Huntress Figurehead

1540958204 595 how to unlock sea of thieves the huntress figurehead - How to unlock Sea of Thieves’ The Huntress Figurehead

OK, so right here’s the factor. The content material is listed underneath the account used to watch the convention on Mixer. Therefore, be sure to’re at present not utilizing a distinct Microsoft account, as a result of that may be an issue.

Right now, it is best to examine the Microsoft Commerce web page whereas signed into the account used to watch the stream on Mixer. From there, seek for “Sea of Thieves Huntress Figurehead,” and it ought to be proper there.

The similar is sweet for “Forza Horizon four Limited Edition Festival Tee (White)”. Everything ought to be connected to your account, so there’s nothing to be anxious about.

The ultimate step, then, is to be sure to’re taking part in the sport on the present account. You ought to now come throughout the Huntress Figurehead and no matter else.

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