Mapped network drives not working in Windows 10

mapped network drives not working in windows 10 - Mapped network drives not working in Windows 10

Mapped Network Drives are very helpful when it’s essential to connect with a drive which is on a special laptop, or on an exterior storage. It makes accessing information simple. However, in case your mapped network drives don’t work in Windows 10 v1809, then its positively an annoyance.

There are some ways Windows notifies about its unavailability. It could possibly be crimson X that seems on the network drives or says unavailable when used from the command immediate or via a notification. It might so occur that network drive takes greater than normal to attach, so we might advocate you run a number of scripts whenever you log in to your laptop.

Mapped network drives not working

Before we go forward with the workarounds, you need to know that some exercise works below sure situations. One may want network entry at logon, whereas others might have entry to group coverage settings. So select what works for you.

If Mapped network drives are not displaying, connecting or working in Windows 10 when you logon to the pc, you’ll be able to attempt these workarounds which use scripts to ensure you are related to them as quickly as you begin utilizing your laptop.

Create Scripts

There are two scripts right here. MapDrives.ps1 that are executed by MapDrives.cmd, and its accomplished at an everyday (non-elevated) command immediate.

Create a script file named MapDrives.cmd, after which reserve it on a spot the place the information shall be secure.

PowerShell -Command "Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope PresentUser Unrestricted" >> "%TEMP%StartupLog.txt" 2>&1 
PowerShell -File "%SystemDrive%ScriptsMapDrives.ps1" >> "%TEMP%StartupLog.txt" 2>&1

Similarly, create a script file named MapDrives.ps1 with the beneath content material. Keep each the scripts in the identical folder.

whereas($True) choose LocalPath,RemotePath
    foreach( $MappedDrive in $MappedDrives)
    $i = $i - 1
    if($error.Count -eq zero -Or $i -eq zero) 

    Start-Sleep -Seconds 30

Possible methods to execute the script to connect with mapped network drive

1] Create a startup merchandise

This works just for the gadgets which have network entry at login. If it’s not there, the script will fail to routinely reconnect the network drivers.

  • Open Startup folder situated at %ProgramInformation%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartUp and copy-paste MapDrives.cmd inside it.
  • Open Scripts folder situated at and %SystemDrive%Scripts copy-paste MapDrives.ps1 in that folder.

This will create a log file named as StartupLog.txt in the %TEMP% folder. Next, sign off of the machine, after which re-login. This will be sure the mapped drives open.

2] Create a scheduled job

mapped network drives not working in windows 10 - Mapped network drives not working in Windows 10

It is feasible to create a scheduled job which runs as quickly because the consumer logs-in to the pc. First copy the script file MapDrives.ps1 to the scripts folder of Windows at %SystemDrive%Scripts. Next launch the Task Scheduler. You can seek for in the search field, and it’ll seem.

  • Select Action > Create Task and in the General tab sort a reputation and outline of the duty.
  • Next, click on on the Change User or Group button, and choose a neighborhood consumer or group. Then choose OK.
  • Check the field which says “Run with highest privileges”
  • Switch to Triggers Tab, and create a brand new set off with the choice “At Logon” in the Begin the duty drop-down. Click okay.
  • Next, change to the Actions tab
    • Create a brand new motion, and select to Start a program.
    • In the Program/Script subject sort Powershell.exe.
    • In the Add arguments (non-compulsory) subject, sort the next:
      -windowsstyle hidden -command .MapDrives.ps1 >> %TEMP%StartupLog.txt 2>&1
    • In the Start in (non-compulsory) subject, sort the situation (%SystemDrive%Scripts) of the script file.
  • On the Conditions tab, choose the Start provided that the next network connection is an out there choice, choose Any connection, after which choose OK.

1542305204 901 mapped network drives not working in windows 10 - Mapped network drives not working in Windows 10

Reboot or Log off out of your account, and log again to so the duty an execute.

three] Group Policy settings

This is required if the If the mapped drives are outlined via the Group Policy settings. You might want to replace the motion of the drive maps to Replace.

1542305204 77 mapped network drives not working in windows 10 - Mapped network drives not working in Windows 10

In flip, it would delete the prevailing mapped drive and create the mapping once more on every logon. However, any settings on the mapped drive which can be modified from the Group Policy settings shall be misplaced on every logon. If the modifications do not work, run the gpupdate command with the /drive parameter to refresh the Group Policy setting straight away.

One of those options prompt by Microsoft ought to assist you repair your downside for Mapped network drives don’t work in Windows 10. Let us know which one labored for you.

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