Puzzle Heart Game Secrets

Puzzle Heart Game Secrets - Puzzle Heart Game Secrets

Puzzle Heart Game Secrets

In this puzzle heart manage, you will gain proficiency with the rudiments of the game, figure out how to play in various modes, figure out how to appropriately utilize rewards and supporters.

We will discuss getting game monetary standards, different occasions and advancements and a great deal of other fascinating and valuable data.


Life – Shows what number of lives you have. The clock checks down the time until another life is reestablished. Snap on this board to purchase more lives.

Gems – Shows what number of precious stones you have.

Gold – Shows how much gold you have. Snap on the Gold board to purchase more.

Journey – Displays the undertakings of the occupants.

Levels – Use this catch to progress to the following match-3 level.

Wheel of Fortune – Just Spin it consistently and get free boundless prizes.

Settings – In the settings, you can design or mood killer/on the sound, sign in to Facebook and keep in touch with specialized help.

Puzzle heart levels, modes guide, and tips

In puzzle heart guides and walkthrough, you can get data about the dimensions and distinctive game modes.

How to discharge butterflies?

Drop the butterflies into the confines with bolts to free them.

Match-3 fabricated: Tree, Cave, Submarine, and Airship

In the game, there are 4 worked with match-3 levels: Tree, Cave, and Submarine.

Each structure comprises of segments. In area 15 coordinate 3 levels. In the event that you acquire 3 stars on each dimension in the segment, you will get a blessing.

Match-3 levels in structures can be:

Light (blue catch)

Troublesome (red catch)

Difficult (purple catch)

Shrouded relic to fabricate an Idol (green catch)

The structure changes each 45 coordinate 3 levels. The numbering of match-3 levels is individual for each structure. When you change to another structure out of the blue, the numbering will begin from the earliest starting point.

How to flip a hare cap?

Complete three in succession alongside the cap, from which the rabbit’s ears stand out. This will turn her over and the bunny will move to the following cap. You have to turn every one of the caps wherein the hare is covering up.

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