Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Setting Alarm Clock Guide

samsung galaxy note 8 setting alarm clock guide - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Setting Alarm Clock Guide

samsung galaxy note 8 setting alarm clock guide - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Setting Alarm Clock Guide

An alarm clock is a crucial instrument in a telephone. Most of us need to be on observe or be reminded of our plans and occasions. The alarm function of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gained’t fail on waking you up within the morning to go to high school or work and it has an incredible snooze function. Snooze works by ringing the alarm sound once more after the ignored first alarm after 2 or three minutes relying on what number of minutes you set it. You can comply with the steps under on how one can set, edit and delete the alarm clock of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 clock app or within the built-in widget.

Manage Alarms

Set the alarm time of your telephone by tapping on Apps > Clock. Select the “Create” to create a brand new alarm and modify your required ringtone, quantity, and snooze time.

  • Time: Set the specified time you need to your telephone to alarm by typing out the precise hour and minutes or tapping the up or down button. Select whether or not it’s AM or PM through the use of the toggle.
  • Alarm repeat: You can select what days your alarm needs to be repeated. Do a verify mark on the field beside the times of the week.
  • Alarm sort: You can select if you need the alarm to simply ring a sound or simply vibrate or have it ring and vibrate concurrently.
  • Alarm tone: Choose the ringtone or music you need to hear when your telephone alarmed.
  • Alarm quantity: Use the slider to regulate the amount of the alarm
  • Snooze: Choose whether or not you need to use the snooze function. You can set the interior minutes and (three, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes) repetition of the snooze alarm from as soon as as much as ten occasions.
  • Name: Give the label to your alarm, whether it is for waking up early for work or college, or identify it with issues you should do at a selected time.

Setting the Snooze Feature

The snooze function of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 works after your alarm has rung. You will see a yellow line that has “ZZZ” on it. You can cease the snooze by swiping it on both left or proper. It will solely work in case you enabled it within the alarm settings.

Deleting an Alarm

If you don’t want the opposite alarms set in your telephone, you may flip it off or erase it. Just maintain that alarm and faucet on delete.

Turning Off an Alarm

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is alarming, it’ll present an “X” that may be swiped on both left or proper to chop the pontificate.

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