The boot configuration data store could not be opened

BCD or  Boot Configuration Data recordsdata include directions which are wanted by Windows to boot accurately. If you might have an issue booting up your laptop, the possibilities are that’s attributable to a misconfiguration and even corrupted recordsdata. If whereas finishing up any command on bcedit.exe, you obtain the message —The boot configuration data store could not be opened, then right here is tips on how to repair it.

This could occur if:

  1. The system can’t discover the file specified
  2. The requested system gadget can’t be discovered.

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There are a couple of checks we’d counsel you strive. If you open, chances are you’ll discover that there is no such thing as a Boot data. It has been reported that the first purpose why this happens is that when the person tries to twin boot the pc and the installer replaces the default bootloader.

The boot configuration data store could not be opened

Just earlier than we begin, know this. In earlier variations of Windows, it was saved in Boot.ini file. On EFI-based working system, you’ll discover the entry within the EFI firmware boot supervisor, which is situated at EFIMicrosoftBootBootmgfw.efi.

the choices youhave to resolve the problem are:

  1. Set an entry possibility worth in BCD
  2. Enable Advanced choices menu
  3. Rebuild BCD

These steps can be carried out by booting your laptop into It provides Command Prompt which is obtainable beneath .

Also, earlier than setting BCDEdit choices, you would possibly must disable or and on the pc.

1] Set an entry possibility worth in BCD

Open as administrator

Execute the next command:

bcdedit /set  Description "TheTitleYouNeed"

The /set possibility units an entry level and permits the system to belief a model of Windows which is not trusted by default.

2] Specify the BCD file

In an elevated command immediate execute:

bcdedit /store c:BootBCD

It offers you an inventory of choices.

Choose to run:

bcdedit /store c:BootBCD /set bootmenupolicy legacy

Restart your laptop, select your Windows, and instantly press F8.

When you select the legacy possibility, you the Advanced choices menu (F8) is obtainable in the course of the laptop boot up. Then you’ll be able to select into which OS to boot.

three] Rebuild BCD

If it does not work, you will have to . You can manually rebuild the Boot Configuration Data store by utilizing the Bootrec.exe device within the Windows Recovery Environment, or you should use this .

Hope this helps you repair the problem.

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