What is the maximum number of columns & rows in Excel Worksheet

The theoretical restrict of rows and columns in the Microsoft Office utility, Excel is properly outlined. If you exceed this mark, you’re prompted with a ‘File not loaded fully’ popup message. It bears the following description:

  • The file comprises greater than 1,048,576 rows or 16,384 columns. To repair this drawback, open the supply file in a textual content editor reminiscent of Microsoft Office Word. Save the supply file as a number of smaller information that conform to this row and column restrict, after which open the smaller information in Microsoft Office Excel. If the supply knowledge can’t be opened in a textual content editor, strive importing the knowledge into Microsoft Office Access, after which exporting subsets of the knowledge from Access to Excel.
  • The space that you’re making an attempt to stick the tab-delineated knowledge into is too small. To repair this drawback, choose an space in the worksheet massive sufficient to accommodate each delimited merchandise.

what is the maximum number of columns rows in excel worksheet - What is the maximum number of columns & rows in Excel Worksheet

So, what’s the maximum number of rows and columns supported in an Excel worksheet? Let’s discover out!

Maximum number of rows & columns in Excel

By default, Excel helps three Worksheets in a Workbook file, and every Worksheet can help as much as 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns of knowledge. Workbooks, nonetheless, can have greater than three Worksheets if the laptop helps sufficient reminiscence for the extra knowledge.

A handful of Office customers appear to imagine that 64-bit Excel can help extra rows or columns than the 32-bit model. Is it true? While it might sound attainable theoretically or remotely, it’s actually not true as the number of rows/columns is restricted by the model of the product and never by a number of ‘BITS’ it helps.

Moreover, having bigger worksheet sizes solely for 64-bit Excel would trigger some kinds of unknown compatibility points. Microsoft strongly needs to maintain its Worksheet accessible to all copies of Excel and model, regardless of whether or not it is 32-bit and 64-bit. Only when knowledge is inserted right into a Worksheet, different elements like how a lot reminiscence the laptop has, play a job in defining the rows, columns, cells limits.

Having stated that, there’s a technique through which you will discover the number of rows and columns in Excel Worksheet and reply the query your self. Here’s how!

  • For figuring out the maximum number of rows, place the cursor in an empty column and press Ctrl + Down Arrow.  The motion will take you to the final row.
  • Similarly, to seek out the maximum number of columns, place the cursor in an empty row and press Ctrl + Right Arrow. This will take you to the final column.

For different extra info, you’ll be able to go to this Office Support Page.

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