What is Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe?

What is this winlogon.exe? Where is it positioned? Is it a virus? Why does it eat excessive CPU on Windows 10 at instances and what you do about this? Now should you open the , you might even see a course of winlogon.exe. This is the Windows Logon Application, and it is a Windows working system file positioned within the System32 folder.

Windows Logon Application (winlogon.exe)

what is windows logon application or winlogon exe - What is Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe?

The Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe is an important course of for a Windows system. It runs within the background and infrequently interferes with regular functioning of the system. It performs essential duties whereas signing on to the system. The course of helps in recognizing the precise sign-in account (for various customers) and hundreds that consumer’s profile into the registry. It additionally manages the “safe consideration sequence.” The safe consideration sequence is a mechanism which mandates customers to press CTRL+ALT+DEL earlier than logging in to techniques. This helps in figuring out that no cyber-hacker or program is impersonating the sign-in web page, thus assuring you of a secure login.

Where is winlogon.exe positioned

Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe is positioned within the C:WindowsSystem32 folder, the place C: is your system drive.

Is winlogon.exe a virus

Many cyber-criminals mimic real system purposes whereas creating virus or malware, so that they go undetected. Thus, it is attainable that some virus or malware might maintain the identical title as Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe. This could possibly be checked as follows: right-click on the duty and choose Open location. The unique location of the Windows Logon Application process is C:WindowsSystem32 (the place C: is your system drive). In case it is positioned elsewhere it might effectively be malware. The greatest suggestion can be to run a full system anti-malware scan.

Winlogon.exe consuming excessive CPU

At instances the method could eat excessive CPU or different assets. If you face this difficulty typically, run .

Can I disable the Windows Logon Application

While I see no cause for anybody to disable the Windows Logon Application, terminating the method would crash your system. The course of is essential to the system and must be operating on a regular basis.

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If you attempt to finish the winlogon.exe course of, the system will current a warning stating “Windows will trigger Windows to turn into unusable or shut down.” If you proceed regardless of the warning, the system will black out, and the one option to revive it could be to energy it OFF and restart it.

If the system is unable to load the winlogon.exe file upon the following startup, you’ll get the blue display screen error 0xC000021A. If you’ve got already made the error, you can comply with this information to .

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